Frequently asked questions

  • How can I book?

    Fill in the booking page on the website or send an electronic message to with all the information, namely dates of your trip, mode under which you want to sail, and number of crew. Wait for availability and contract confirmation and for payment information.

    In case you rent the sailboat under the bareboat mode, your booking will only be guaranteed after sending the signed rental contract and proof of payment in accordance with the established terms and conditions.

  • How can I pay?

    All payments can be made by bank transfer, cash or Paypal.

  • What qualifications do I need to rent the sailboat?

    The crew must include at least two elements with nautical licenses, with the skipper holding at least a yachtmaster licence and a VHF communications licence, as well as having experience in sailing vessels of similar size in ocean conditions.

    Upon booking, the skipper must submit his/her sailing curriculum demonstrating his/her experience in sailing vessels.

    You may be required to submit a certificate of competence to navigate, if such is required by the maritime authorities.

    Crews from states outside of the EU must submit a Portuguese or English translation along with their nautical licences.

    The hiring of a professional skipper may be recommended if the crew does not have adequate experience to captain the vessel.

    If you decide to hire a professional skipper with experience in navigating in the Azores, you should book a cabin and provide food during his/her service as skipper. To ensure greater privacy on board, the skipper may overnight in accommodation units on land whenever the sailboat is moored at marinas or other quays.

  • How far can I sail?

    Navigation is limited to the Azorean waters and up to a maximum distance of 100 nautical miles from the coast of the islands.

  • Can I start a trip from another island of the Azores?

    Yes, we will do everything for you to fulfil your dream trip. Besides the possibility of starting your trip in the Vila do Porto Marina at no additional cost, you can also start your journey on the islands of São Miguel, Terceira, Faial and Pico, with an additional amount being charged for repositioning the vessel. This additional amount may not be charged if the vessel is already operating from the desired harbour. Contact us in advance to evaluate the availability and costs.

  • How can I get back the amount of the security deposit?

    It will be returned to you at end of the rental period upon return of the vessel in the same condition that it was delivered and in case there has not been any incident resulting in first or third party damage. The deposit will be forfeited in case of loss or damage to the sailboat and to its on-board equipment, of costs caused by a delay in the return of the sailboat, of refuelling costs, and of costs related to the cleaning and hygiene of the vessel when it is returned in abnormal situations.

  • Should I take out extra insurance?

    There are travel insurance policies that provide coverage in case of personal injury, of liability for damages resulting from activities during your holidays, and of any cancellation costs. Make sure that you enjoy safe and quality holidays and contact your insurer for further advice.

  • Do I have 220V electricity on board?

    The sailboat has 220V outlets in all cabins that can be used whenever the on-board circuit is connected to a power source at a marina. During navigation, you can also charge small electronic devices, such as cameras, laptops, mobile phones, etc. directly at the 12V to 220V energy converter outlet that is available at the navigation station.

  • What should I prepare for the trip?

    Prepare all necessary travel documentation and be sure to use a backpack or a bag to carry all of your belongings.

    You should bring comfortable clothing for hot and cold weather, sailing or tennis shoes with white soles, waterproof coat, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen for your skin, bath towel, and flip-flops.